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The · rage · of · 1000 · suns, · the · light · of · a · million · stars

Shiny! Stinky!

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This is my shiny red tool tray.
shiny red tool tray
Normally, it lives in my shiny red toolbox, although this morning, it was sitting on the floor of the utility room, which is also home to the cat box. At the moment, it’s on a kitchen windowsill, drying. This is my pretty girlie hammer,
girlie hammer
which is floral, like most of my hand tools. Normally, it lives in the shiny red tool tray, which lives in the shiny red toolbox. At the moment, it’s drying by the kitchen sink.

The utility room is the last major domestic undertaking and the only thing I have yet to tackle, mostly because it’s truly scary. There’s miles of some sort of heavy-duty orange cord, an autographed toilet seat, two vacuum cleaners, an ironing board, a quantity of legos, and the usual assortment of nails, power tools, rope and bath mats. And the cat box, cat bowls, and most likely a partridge in a pear tree.

I clean the cat box twice daily, but it seems that some older cats dislike mess as much as a dirty box. This morning, I caught someone (that would be a cat someone) peeing in my tool tray, which was on the floor and is now drying on the kitchen windowsill, after I washed the shiny red and pretty floral objects. This is a sign, if not from God, from the cat: it’s time to clean the utility room.

Good morning to you!
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On December 23rd, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC), eleanor commented:
May each year get a little easier for you.
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