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The rage of 1000 suns, the light of a million stars

Stories from Brooklyn and other mythical places

6 July
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Listen. I'm telling you stories. Some of them are true. Most of them are interesting. Maybe it's the other way around.

After a long sojourn on the Island at the Center of the World, I’ve recently returned to my ancestral homeland (which in this case is Brooklyn, not Hungary or Romania) to move in with my incredible Sweetie.

El & Bob

We live with a very big woofy dog and two cats. I also have daughters from another life, but they are all adults or nearly so and don’t live with us.

For the record, I’m the first person in my family in nearly 100 years who was not born in Brooklyn. My family tree includes a gangster, a famous escape artist, a vaudeville comedian, and an array of storytellers. I tend towards the unconventional and some think I'm funny, so read at your own risk; in the event that you happen to be one of those people and spew at your monitor, I am not responsible for the damage.

My infrequent food journal can be found at ElCooks

If you want to know more about me, well, I have red hair, move like a hummingbird on crack, have the personality of a rather ranty and political cheerleader, and some people seem to like me anyway. Anything else can be found within.

DISCLAIMER: All my words R belong to me. I own my content. You own yours. You don't have to read anything you don't like, but you don't get to tell me what is or is not appropriate, and if you are offended by anything I have to say, it is unintentional and I suggest you stop reading.

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